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New Lines & Price Increases

Hi Everyone

It's been lovely to see our sales getting back to normal lately, thank you everyone for your loyal custom.

Since the start of that nasty Bug19, prices of acrylic have risen extremely fast (and often) mainly down to the fact that acrylic is used in a lot of PPE and over the past 2 years we have done our best to keep the prices low for you.

Unfortunately it 's not just the acrylic that has increased this year, as you are all aware EVERYTHING is going up and we now have no choice but to follow suit. As much as we would like to stay with the prices we have, we simply can't stay this way any longer. 

Between energy, postal/courier costs, packaging (including the Governments new 'Plastic Packaging Tax'... yes that is a real thing) and a whole lot of other factors we are forced to increase everything.

Firstly, DON'T PANIC.

The main increases will be to our larger mirrors as the largest increase for us is with the courier costs. We will not be going mad with increases, in fact you may very well find a few items where the increase could be as low as 1p. But none the less there IS an increase and these will be gradually increased over the coming month.

(Tip: if you want it at a low price then get shopping within the next week).




Yes we have a new line, this would be our Suncatchers.

There are currently 15 designs available so far HERE along with an option to purchase further 'Dangly Bits' aka... Feathers. More designs are also on the way in the coming weeks.

These are all made from CLEAR acrylic so please accept our apologies for the dark backgrounds, this are really needed to show you the designs in detail.

They generally come with 3 acrylic feathers but some designs have other 'dangly bits' depending of the design.

There is also a choice of ribbon colour, Red, Blue, Dark Green or Black for you to choose from.


We hope you like this new line and we look forward to hearing your feedback on them too.

Have a wonderful Easter break 

Devon Mirrors Team

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