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27th May 2018 Update

Update since last post...
Thursday was our market day so nothing on the website to update on there. However, Friday was 'Back to the desk' day for me. I had taken a few custom orders from Thursdays market day and so as usual got them done and dusted before anything else, here's a sample of one I did

Saturday and Sunday (yes, no rest for the wicked) was a research and changes weekend. We had decided that the menus on the website needed to be expanded as the choice of designs has grown so much since we first set up the shop. We looked into a few ways of doing this but ultimately we have decided to keep the menus on the left as normal but now we also have included a drop-down menu bar at the top for even easier navigation.
Whilst making those changes we have also now put this news blog on the side menu for easier access and also included a little information below that with regards to our acrylic mirrors.
Happily, still no advertising, we don't want any one to 'click-away' now do we :)

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