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22nd June 2018

New Stuff Update

The past few weeks have been so hectic I had even forgotten to give you guys a heads up.

Well, to start with we have been doing a lot of 'back end' stuff for our products to get listed on other selling platforms (basically to get seen more). We will be going live on FRUUGO in the next few days so fingers crossed here that all goes well.

This week has been a week of numbers for me as I have been doing the annual accounts, my concentration for these things is not as it used to be but finally got there, next stop accountant.

Our sparkly new market frame/stall has arrived but we have not yet had chance to put it together to see how it looks, we should hopefully get to that on Sunday and we can be ready for the following week then.

Today I have done a little photo editing and currently half way through listing some more craft mini mirrors. I will add the list of new craft mirrors once they are done.

Paula x

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