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New Lines & Price Increases

Hi Everyone It's been lovely to see our sales getting back to normal lately, thank you everyone for your loyal custom. Since the start of that nasty Bug19, prices of acrylic have risen extremely fast (and often) mainly down to the fact that acrylic is used in a lot of PPE and over the past 2 years we have done our best to keep the prices low for you. Unfortunately it 's not just the acrylic that has increased this year, as you are all aware EVERYTHING is going up and we now have no choice but to follow suit. As...

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Happy New Year for 2022

Happy New Year to our lovely customers Thank you for all your custom through this extraordinary past year 2021, it's been tough for a lot of people and business's but we have thankfully made it through. We hope YOU had a wonderful time and Santa brought you all your wishes. We are well rested and ready to start 2022 with a bang, (just a little clearing up to do from all the partying). We have a few new ideas to implement and a few discounted items we would like to share with you in January, so keep you eyes peeled for them. And...

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Bespoke Mirrored Signs

Customers Photos

Thank you to our lovely customer 'Ajay' who has shared his photos of the bespoke signs we created for him. These are various signs which he added black paper to the back of, to make the text, number and images stand out even more so.

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Black Acrylic

Due to quiet a few requests we are now offering our most popular signs in BLACK acrylic as well as the usual mirrored acrylic. Keep an eye on the NEW DESIGNS section of our webshop for more information.    

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Happy Customer - Kirsty


We are very proud to say we do often receive some lovely comments about our products and we had one such comment from 'Kirsty' a few days ago who also shared with us some images of what she had done with some craft size Thistle mirrors... now this is amazing... :) "Hi thank you so much for your reply. Honestly I have totally fallen in love with your companies stuff. Every year I make a new dress harness for my horses to attend a big parade. Usually it's for Clydesdales I do it so the bigger size would do grand....

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